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NOn-GMO FEEDS made with  natural additives and WHOLE GRAINS.

Made On the Ernst FAMILY FARM.




Omega threes.




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premium non-gmo all grain feed

Quality feeds are more then just Non-GMO.

  • Probiotics.

  • Omega 3 enriched.

  • Tested for glyphosate.

  • Only Grain: No byproducts.

  • Sustainably produced grains.

  • Natural herbs and essential oils.

  • Grown and produced by a farmer.

  • Cleaned cracked grains - no powder.

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We make premium whole grain Non-GMO Feeds for chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, and cows on our family's farm in Western Maryland. Our Non-GMO feeds, made with no byproducts, are nutrient dense with minerals, probiotics, essential oils, herbs, and other natural supplements. The Non-GMO Grains used in our feeds go through limited processing, feed blending techniques to insure the optimum quality feeds for our customers. 
Homestead Harvest Non-GMO feeds are unique because they are made by a farmer. The guys who grow the grain, use their grain to make feeds for you. We believe in a open supply chain for your animals feeds. The majority of the grains used in our feeds are grown on our farm and on our neighbor's farms through sustainable, regenerative agricultural practices.  
Unlike big corporate feed companies, we aim to create a feed that is for folks who are looking to take care of their animals and produce quality food for their families. When we started selling Non-GMO grains on our farm in 2014, we realized that there is a demand for premium Non-GMO feeds from the farmer. In 2018, we branded our feeds through Homestead Harvest to be able to provide premium quality feeds in alternative locations to families that can't make the drive to our farm.
  • the grain

Our grains are GMO free. We grow them as such and test them to make sure they are. (Click here for test results.) The fact that we use only whole Non-GMO grains in our rations ensures the highest quality feeds. Many other Non-GMO and Organic feeds on the market utilize processed byproducts as fillers. This requires the need to process the feed further into a pellet. Pellets pale in comparison to our pure whole grain Non-GMO feeds with no byproducts. Animals prefer whole grains over byproducts. Our feeds are nutrient dense and are made with Non-GMO grains that you not only know but can recognize when looking at the mix.

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That's right! Essential Oils & Herbs for your animals. A healthy animal means a healthy you. Oregano, Garlic, Ginseng leaf, Chamomile... the list goes on (click here for a full list of the essential oils/herbs and their intended purposes.) This herbal mix is added to all of our Non-GMO feeds to help the animal in many aspects from enhancing the immune system to aiding in digestion.

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Whether your producing eggs, meats, or milk, the higher quality inputs means higher quality outputs. Along with quality Non-GMO grains our Non-GMO feeds are complete rations with species specific Minerals, Probiotics & Prebiotics, Vitamin Fortifications, Diatomaceous Earth, Kelp, and Linseed Oil. Linseed Oil is an oil that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Not only do these ingredients create a healthier animal, but your animal's products will be a premium product and higher in omega 3's. When you look at the ingredient list, you'll understand everything that is in your animals mix and why it is there. We have learned by feeding our own animals, what you get out of them is limited by what you put into them. With our premium Non-GMO feeds, there are no limits.

We are proud to be your local feed mill. We deal directly with our customers to formulate rations and to work to create the best feeds possible. You don't have to worry about calling corporate with us as we are a small family business. We have been using the feeds for years on our farm. If there is one thing we are good at, its raising animals. Our feeds are not for big commercial agriculture. Our customers are only interested in feeding a premium Non-GMO product that the animals love to create a premium Non-GMO product that their family loves. 

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Premium grains are ones produced with the next generation in mind. Taking care of the soil is a priority on our farm. We want to ensure that soil health is growing and biodiversity is improving on our land. This is why we utilize sustainable farming practices like cover crops, no-till farming, riparian buffers, crop rotations, nutrient management plans, and so on. Not only do these practices produce nutrient rich grains, but they protect the wildlife and the watershed from the destruction of careless farming methods. As our business grows, we plan to work with a network of farmer's who not only grow quality grains, but improve the environment while doing so.  

  • essential oils & herbs

  • quality feed ingredients & omega 3's

  • straight from the farmers.

  • grown through sustainable farming

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