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Non-GMO Cow Feed
Non-GMO Goat Feed
Non-GMO Sheep Feed
Non-GMO Rabbit Feed
Non-GMO Grains

non-gmo grains

Shelled Corn


Cracked Corn


Roasted Soybean


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Custom Non-GMO Feeds
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custom feeds

Non-GMO Soy Free Pastured Hog Grower

Non-GMO Soy Free Goat Mix

Non-GMO Sow Gestation

Non-GMO Sow Lactation

Want something different?

Let us know what you need!

Talk to your local dealer to see if ordering a custom batch is feasible.
A 1000lb minimum may be required.
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farmer's  blend non-gmo  feeds

Are you a producer looking to order in bulk? Talk to your dealer about our Farmer's Blend Feeds. These are mash based feeds formulated to keep the feeds cost effective. 
A one ton order minimum is required at most dealers.
Offered in 50lb bags or 1 ton bulk totes.  
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